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Programming Station for critical communication

Our Programming Stations offer a comfortable way to programm your digital radios. We offer the appropriate hardware to install up to six radios in your programming software at the same time. The Programming Station support all functions of the software.

Once the radio is placed in one of the charger the charging begins. At this the familar charging behavior from our in-vehicular chargers is available (fast and trickle charging).

Programming Stations are products of one-off production and will be produced after we receipt your order. werden nach Eingang der Bestellung produziert. Delivery time is up to 12 weeks.

Image: DP669USB [600216]

Versions of Programming Station


USB-Programming Station has to be connected with an external PC and power supply (110V - 240V). Furthermore you have to install your programming software at your PC.


In the LAN-Programming Station is a PC integrated on which you can install your programming software. Additionally there have to be connected monitor and input devices (keyboard and mouse) to the Programming 
There is no need for a second PC.


Like in the LAN-Programming Station is a PC in the LAN-N-version integrated, too. In addition in this version is a NetCon-interface available to connect a Progbox [600176] or ProgBox-Reel [600177]. 


Possible combinations of Programming Stations

Accessory for LAN-N-Programming Station

ProgBox / ProgBox-Reel

ProgBox and ProgBox-Reel are accessories for LAN-N-Programming Station.
They open the possibility to programm your radio devices directly in vehicle. Both versions have different data interfaces, where you can connect the programming cable of your radio device. While using NetCon-Cable you can bridge distances up to 50 meter (50m: [600177], 20m: [600204], 15m: [600183]).

NetCon-Cable (50m) is in ProgBox-Reel included.

ProgBox: [600176]
ProgBox-Reel: [600177]


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