About us

A small company with high potential

WeTech in numbers

Over 2.500 customers

Since 1999

In 15 countries

Thereof 13 in the european Union

93 In-vehicular charger

In the categories passive, active and PassivPlus

For 22 Radio device manufacturer

In digital an analog radio

Company policy


1987 - Foundation

In 1987 Wempe Elektronic GmbH founded by Jörg Wempe and Evelin Moser-Wempe.

At the beginning Wempe Elektronic GmbH was a commercial enterprise for electronic components.

Again and again secruity forces complainted to Jörg Wempe about empty batteries during working hours at the US base in Bad Hersfeld. Batteries wasn't developed for the duration of one shift. As a result Jörg Wempe developed the first in-vehicular charger to help the secruity forces.

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

1996- Relocation

The company grew and in 1996 we acquired the canteen building of former US base in Bad Hersfeld. 

To this time Wempe Elektronic GmbH sold electronic components as well as produced in-vehicular charger.

2009 - Expansion

The demand of in-vehicular charger grew, so that in 2009 a high rack warehouse for raw materials was integrated.

To that time selling of electronic components has already stopped.

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

2015 - Introduction of digital radio

Implementation of digital radio devices were 9 years after planned Introduction in 2006 to world championship in Germany. It was a big challenge for a small company like Wempe Elektronic GmbH. 24 persons in peak times handle all orders just in time. 

To get more storage capacity and to handle all market requirements, Wempe Elektronic GmbH built a new Warehouse in 2015.

At the same time Marc Wempe and Antje Oldermann (today: Antje Wempe) get into the company after finishing their studies. In long term they should take over the management.

2017 - 30 years WeTech

After 30 years of in-vehicular charger production and completion of the introduction of digital radio Wempe Elektronic GmbH celebrated its anniversary with all employees and their families.

With the slogan "fresh wind, solid sails" Wempe Elektronic GmbH heralded the start of business succession.

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

2018 - Expansion of management

In the end of 2018, Marc Wempe was appointed Managing Director. Furthermore Evelin Moser-Wempe and Antje Wempe became officers with procuration.

In total 17 staff members are working at Wempe Elektronic GmbH to deliver the market of in-vehicular charger every day.