General Management

Jörg Wempe


More than 30 years ago, a security guard asked Jörg Wempe about a solution for  constantly discharged batteries. Jörg Wempe developed the first Car Kit and created an accessory nobody wants to miss. 

Today Jörg Wempe is still the chief developer and the heart of  Wempe Elektronic GmbH.  

Team Member since 1987

Evelin Moser-Wempe 


Evelin Moser-Wempe established Wempe Elektronic GmbH with Jörg Wempe. While Jörg Wempe took care of product development, Evelin Moser-Wempe regulated all other processes and ensured the continuance of the company.

Today Evelin Moser-Wempe takes care of the finances and is always available with good advice.

Team Member since 1987

Marc Wempe


Marc Wempe grew up with Wempe Elektronic GmbH. After completing his studies as Bachelor of Engineering he returned to the company and is pushing it forward.

Marc Wempe describes himself as technology evangelist and leads the company into the digital future.  

Team Member since 1989

Antje Wempe


After completing her studies as Bachelor of Economic Science Antje Wempe joined Marc Wempe´s
parents business and took on tasks from many areas.

Due to the variety of tasks Antje Wempe has a good perspective and ensures constant improvement.

Team Member since 2015

Customer Service

Helmut Horst

Purchasing, Distribution, Production Management

For more than 20 years Helmut Horst is responsible for purchasing, distribution and production management of Wempe Elektronic GmbH. 

For technical questions he is your first contact person.

Team Member since 1997

Melanie Steiger

Operational Management

Melanie Steiger takes care of statistics, special cases in the complaint process and supports Helmut Horst in sales.

In international business she is your contact person.

Team Member since 2018


Joshua Kreuder

Business Intelligence Engineer

ERP Guy, wielder of the SQL, conqueror of the excel, protector of the all the datas.

Team Member since 2021

Dennis Schott


IT Guy, Front-End-Mage and something with Back-End

Team member since  2022

Michael Dickel

Developer PCB/CAD for small equipment

Development and Support of Car Kits

Team member since 2023

Oliver Neumann


IT-Mensch, Schnittstelle zwischen der Hardware und Software

Teammitglied seit 2022


Christina Kosarek

Manual Assembly, Final Assembly, Wave Soldering Machine, Safety Officer

Team Member since 2011

Dirk Hugo

Manual Assembly, Final Assembly, Stock Receipt, Laser

Team Member since 2015

Heike Marx 

Manual Assembly, Final Assembly

Team Member since 2008

Sergei Reiter

Teammitglied seit 2005

Silke Rohrbach

Teammitglied seit 2015

Uwe Schierhuber 

 Teammitglied seit 2004

Uwe Schierhuber

Manual Assembly, Final Assembly, Wave Soldering Machine, Laser Safety Officer, Safety Officer, Work and Health Care, Maintenance, First Aider

Team Member since 2004

Bärbel Pfaff-Müller

Team Member since 1997

Brigitte Prosoli

Team Member since 2014

Meike Bretting

Team member since 2023


Ramone Appel

Creative Allrounder, Grafikdesign, Fotografie und Marketing

Teammitglied seit 2023


Daniel Springer

Elektroniker für Energie- und Gebäudetechnik

Teammitglied seit 2024

Vocational Training

Sven Ickler

Azubi für Elektroniker für Geräte- und Systeme

Teammitglied seit 2023

Emily Kraushaar

Azubi für Industriekauffrau

Teammitglied seit 2023